In Nardo’s Bedroom

Occasionally the ‘God Squad’ would say our evening prayers in Nardo’s bedroom. This did not happen that often at first – the chapel was still Nardo’s preferred place to pray with “his group.”  I remember he had an electric organ and our evening sessions of singing, saying prayers and generally spending time in Nardo’s room became more frequent.

I remember, in particular, the folk hymn ‘Kum Ba Yah – this was one of our favourites – and we would sing it with gusto and enthusiasm.

It was around this time that some of us – myself included – would go and see him alone in his room.  I and, I suspect others, became quite jealous if we knew that other members of the group – “The God Squad Group” – had been in his room or were with him.

For my part, Nardo began asking me to come to his room at specific times during free time in the evenings and weekends.

One response to “In Nardo’s Bedroom

  1. A priest asked me to come to his bedroom if i was upset or sad during free time in the evening and during the night.

    If it was during the evening we would sit down on his couch, next to the veranda in his bedroom. It was there, on that seat, that he first kissed me. It was not a peck on the cheek like my mum or dad would do, it was more than that. I had never felt another persons tongue inside my mouth.

    I was vulnerable, unhappy, lonely, wanting of love. He was strong – he was a priest, he was a trusting man.

    And he is still a priest. That has to be wrong.

    That cannot be right.

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