To do nothing is not an option I want to take.

Some people think that because the sexual abuse that happened at Mirfield took place such along time ago – in the 60’s and 70’s – the blog only serves to rake up deep and painful suffering for some, and disillusionment to others. This is, unfortunately, probably true for the majority of people that read and contribute to the site. It has been, and still is certainly, the case for me.

Some people, I know, think it is best to do nothing. To do nothing is one option; however, it is an option I have chosen not to take. Many children were abused by various priests in various ways at Mirfield, there is, now, no doubting that.

However, the parents and families of these abused children were also abused. For me, their abuse was about the abuse of friendship, a closeness they felt with the Verona Fathers, of trust, of placing your child, and in some cases, your children, with people you believed could, absolutely, do no wrong, and yet, many did. The instance that is never far from my consciousness is of the priest saying mass in the front room of my parent’s home and then later, being abused, in your upstairs bedroom when you were sick.

My parents are both dead now. My mother died last year. Neither my father nor my mother ever knew anything about the abuse that took place at home or at Mirfield. It would have caused them too much pain and suffering.

To do nothing is not an option I want to take.

A Mirfield boy

11 responses to “To do nothing is not an option I want to take.

  1. Surely all the people, yourself included Gerry, that have contributed to the blog and spoke about their experiences at Mirfield have also chosen the option of doing something rather than nothing?
    As I wrote before, even though the blog rakes up deep and painful sufferings for some and disillusionment for others, people still write and post on it; this I hope is a positive and cathartic exercise for those that do.
    With the ‘old boys’ I have spoken to, and the people that have contributed to the blog, the one thing that stands out above everything else is that they want answers and action from the Order. For some the action is about the Verona Fathers, not only acknowledging that abuse took place, but also, by whom. For others it is an apology; not only an apology for those who were abused, but an apology for those whose admiration of the Verona Fathers and The Catholic Church, has been shattered. For others it is about recompense for their ongoing pain and suffering that many have endured for many years. People want closure and to draw a line under this horrid sordid business.

    In some ways Gerry, I feel the question – What are you going to do then? – would have been better directed at to the Verona Fathers.

    • The Veron Fathers won’t do anything at all unless forced to – so, as you are anonymous, I was wondering what you have done or propose to do.

      • Hi gerry
        It seems that the last post from a mirfield boy has started some discussion.Firstly I admire your stance on the whole disclosure thing .I remember the first reunion that I attended where references to abuse were made.You cut straight to the chase and made sure that these quiet mumblings were heard for what they were,huge revelations that could and should never be ignored and swept under the carpet.
        This is why the blog is important and you were one of the catalysts for it.Your help and support is invaluable.The order is answerable and through this blog we can bring them to some kind of reckoning.More and more people are becoming aware.So lets keep up the pressure but also let us keep up the help and support for those who have been brave enough to come forward and show us that mirfield life was not quite the boys own adventure that it appeared .

        all the best Degs

      • The verona fathers will do nothing…
        they cannot…
        they do not believe in Christ
        Don’t you see…

        perhaps we are all wasting our time.
        There is no transparency with them.

        I did not enter Mirfield to be abused yet i was for 5years,
        i did nothing then.
        They did nothing then
        They are not doing anything now
        I am trying to do something now but
        Even their Vicar general, Father pelucchi and their general ( father Sanchez) are doing nothing just burying their heads in the sand and calling us all nutters.,

        So you see even though they profess to believe they actually don’t believe in anything at all,
        Their lives are a waste of time/space/energy/money
        This is hard for them to accept for now,,,but one day they will


  2. Hi My name is Ben Berrell. Can “Mirfield Boy” please contact me. I am an ex Mirfield student and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the content of post. Whilst I respect your anonymity in this blog I would welcome the opportunity of making formal contact.

  3. welcome roberto
    It is nice to see a new face on the blog .Are you still active in the order??
    You seem to be up to date with names of the people in control. It would be good if you could comment some more on your time in the seminary.
    Thanks for your efforts and support it must take some courage.
    I wish you well

  4. Hi gerry
    thanks for sharing your piece with me .There is so much to digest!!
    The amont of time and effort that you have put into it is inspirational.
    The content honest and from the heart.
    I hope that you feel that sometime in the future parts or all could be posted for general consumption.
    Your voice deserves to be heard .There are a lot of people listening and engaging. A recognition that for some, the junior seminary experience that I enjoyed, was a hell to be endured in isolation.
    These lads need our support and some kind of recognition.
    The order cannot continue to bury its head in the sand and let the actions of a few blight all the good works that they have achieved and are still achieving

    All the best Degs

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