Keep the ball rolling

Hi Degs here

We have had a couple of turbulent months recently.So although I have been watching the site I  have not had the time to post.

Today I am laid up with a bad dose of Man Flu.The up side to it is that ,the house is quiet , and I have access to Sally’s new (out of bounds) iPad.

Firstly Micheal Fieldhouse is once again rallying the troops for another get together on the weekend of the 5 April 2013.With help from Eamon Crowe he is trying to contact as many old boys as possible.The weekend will be based in the Mirfield area.Once Avrils email problems have been sorted out we will post Micheals contact details.Thanks to them both for their efforts past and present.It has been through these events that these contacts have been started and maintained.I for one much rather prefer chewing the cudd over a few pints ((whilst trying to visualise the old boy in front of me as a young seminarian) than tapping away on a keyboard in isolation.

Over the past few months emails and posted comments have still been reaching us .Several private email that I have received have even drawn a tear from this old bearded Geordie.Some lads are still suffering in isolation,holding onto a feeling of guilt and shame that was inflicted on their innocence decades ago .I only hope that through that first contact some of their load may be lifted,and on reading through the blog and comments that realise they are not alone.My only misgiving is that perhaps through the blog painful memories that had been suppressed and successfully locked away have been dragged to the surface.If this is the case in any instance then I am truly sorry.

It is now obvious and beyond a doubt that abuse happened at MIrfield. The order remain silent .Is this because of the fear of litigation?.Then they have a right to be  fearful. Cast your eye over this blog,a storm is coming and it’s heading their way,A storm of biblical proportions.

Here is a nickname to play with MOB or MOB,S (mirfield old boy or boys) .Thanks to one of our watcher friend,and critic for that one. I for one am proud to be a MOB it is what made me who I am today however there is now a slight tinge of shame a shadow that blights those good extraordinary times.This I will have to live with but the knowledge that we are trying to right these wrongs and bring some kind of closure for the MOB,S who actually suffered restores my faith,not in the order, but in the mirfield old boys .This wonderful collection of individuals.If the Verona Fathers got one thing right,it was their recruitment.

Before the next reunion I am hoping to arrange a meeting anywhere (in the uk,apologies to Ben,Liam,Peter and all our overseas MOB,S) and at any time.My feeling is that there are a few of us traveling in the same direction heading for the same destination but traveling on different roads.Perhaps it might be beneficial  to meet and share our hopes and goals and any information that will help us to achieve them.Contact me in the first instance at

My apologies for harping on about the negative side but hopefully we can continue walking down memory lanes in my next post.

All the best Degs (Kevin Deignan)

One response to “Keep the ball rolling

  1. Thanks Kevin for your insightful comments around the dark history at Mirfield. The blog has played a significant role in creating a forum for discussion around the abuse that occurred and speaking for myself (and hopefully others that were affected) to build up our physical and emotional capacity to face our past bravely. Not with shame or guilt but with a sense of justice. A numbers of past students (myself in included) have made the decision to bring legal proceedings against the Order. None of us know where this will all take us in the coming months (or even years). The Order has shown itself to be be resistant to acknowledge the abuse and it is unlikely that it will face its past without due legal process. O would encourage anybody who was affected to contact me on and I will provide you with the solicitor’s details .

    Your blog has also allowed me to make contact with a number of students from Mirfield that were so much part of my life and memories. So once again keep up the great work and never believe that your blog is not serving a vital purpose. It’s purpose today is critical to ensuring that the voice of justice is carried on.

    Cheers Ben

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