Mark Murray ! I remember your name, do you remember me?

John McCabe.


A Mirfield Boy says:

12 June 2013 at 6:09 PM (Edit)

I am sorry, I do not.

A Mirfield Boy says:

12 June 2013 at 6:28 PM (Edit)

What year where you at Mirfield?

I was there from September 1969 – Fraser, Russell, Heirons and Hicks were rectors during my time there – Luigi Cocchi, may have, had a period as rector at some point

I knew of a Father Wilkinson, and met Maguire on more than one occasion. Neither of them were based at Mirfield during my time.


John McCabe says:

12 June 2013 at 5:14 PM (Edit)

Is there anyone out there who might remember the reign of wilkinson and maquire….a reign of unspeakable terror, a compact contrived and brokered in the darkest hour of my life and I am certain of many others…

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  1. Hello Mark, It is so very difficult indeed to even contemplate airing any of my accounts… Forgive me but I stopped believing anyone cared… !

    • Hi John
      Believe me a lot of people care!People are angry and willing to offer any support that they can .
      You are not alone . Look through the blog read the lines and inbetween them .Although you are not from my era,different perpetrators ,same outcome .What seemed to be the odd isolated case is quite the reverse with abuse taking place over several years committed by several different perpetrators .
      I cannot imagine the courage it has taken to make this step.
      The truth needs to be known
      All the best Degs

      • Who was rector in 1997 – 98/99? Did people know what was happening?

        You are right Kevin, the truth must come out, and, the church/the order have to answer questions truthfully – so the truth does come out.

      • To all Comboni Missionaries.

        What is it that the order hopes to achieve by remaining silent and not acknowledging what took place? They may not want to write on the blog, however, they could always contact people in other ways.

        They are, by the Catholic church, ordained by God. Fundamental to their life as priests and religious, is fighting for change in all that is wrong and unjust in the world today.

        The abuse that took place was wrong and yet nobody is writing or speaking about it.

    • Dear john,

      Maybe it is me you remember,
      Peter Murray,

      Yes I knew wilkinson and McGuire

      I shd have helped you but did not understand anything at the time,

      I tried writing your mum and to you abroad more than once,

      Pls get in touch.

      • Peter! But yes I remember you, as though it were yesterday,! No, I didn’t get your email… So not de rigour with this technology, .. My new email is New computer! Just got back tonight…it is so moving to hear a voice from the far distant past…how are you Peter? J.

  2. is not Wilkinson in the missions, or is it his brother? I heard one of them was in Mozambique. I can’t begin to think what you must be going through. There must be other people out there who knew.

  3. Sorry, having problems with my email…I will try to sort it. John McCabe….Mark, you may share my previous emails to you with the others! Thank you for your kind sentiments… I will continue to monitor the blog from Belgium.. J

    • Hello Chris, I do believe my ‘ email ‘ is go go go once more, albeit by a new identity

      I am a total eccentric technophobe I have only been using this mechanism of ’email ‘. For the last month…what ever happened to writing a letter…. But I am not alone in this, since most of my colleagues in the opera also share the same fate… ‘ nostalgia ain’t what it used to be’. Oscar Wilde. JM.

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