Bishop Wright’s Apology

Bishop Wright has apologised that priests in his diocese used their positions of trust, power and authority to sexually abuse children, and then used that power, control and authority, to conceal their acts. He went on to say, that the abuse perpetrated by the priests was: “exacerbated on occasion by the failures of church leaders” and had caused “real and enduring harm” to the victims, their families and many others.”

Why will the Verona Fathers not apologise for the sexual abuse that took place at Mirfield? As far as I am aware, they know now, and they knew then, that priests at Mirfield were abusing children.

Why is it that so many religious, orders, even when faced with overwhelming evidence of abuse, will not hold their hands up and say we failed and we are sorry, so let us talk? Instead, what seems to happen, and what is often said is – abuse did not take place; it was just inappropriate actions; you are lying; you are in it for the money; it was too long ago; we dealt with abuse differently then – or as I heard recently, “it is a conspiracy and you want to destroy us.” It was then followed by: – we the priests, and the order as a whole, are also suffering as a result of the abusers (that were named).

They are all in denial land or cover up land – whatever land it is, it is a completely different place to the one that I live in. We must protect our name and our church at all costs – that is the land that they seem to be living in.

Their Church – what, and who, is their church, and what does it stand for – more importantly, who does it belong to and where is it now?

They have no idea, they could not possibly have – or at least I hope so – of the pain and suffering that they are causing so many people by their inaction.


2 responses to “Bishop Wright’s Apology

  1. When will the abuse end
    There are many forms of abuse,physical , sexual, mental,emotional ect.It occurred to me the other day that the abuse that took place at Mirfield all those years ago is still having a massive impact today.Like a stone cast into a pond those physical and sexual acts all those years ago are still sending out ripples that are turning into waves .Those physical acts of abuse perpetrated on young innocent naive minds have grown with the victims ,as they became adults with a greater understanding, into mental and emotional abuse.So to those who say that the abuse happened such along time ago that it is no longer deemed important I say, until the order admits its failings and at least try to help the victims achieve some kind of closure they are guilty of mental and emotional abuse .The silence of the order,the denial of the perpetrators are all acts of abuse which is current and ongoing .
    It is now obvious that abuse happened over several years and by several perpetrators .The abuse still continues in another guise except this time the whole order is culpable.They know that their inaction must be causing mental hardship and torment yet they still choose to be silent.
    Break your silence and help heal these wounds.
    It is about time the abuse ended

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