Hello From Gerald Murray

Hi y’all

I am Gerald Murray.
Mirfield old boy 1967 – 1972.
Ordained 1983.
Africa from 1982 to 1989.
1989 left Verona Fathers and the Catholic Church.
1989 -2005 married in Italy. Divorced.
2005 – 2007 various odd jobs.
2007 Probation Officer.

In April or so I went to an old boys gathering in Glasgow. I was happy to
meet  a lot of middle aged and older men that I hadn’t seen in a number of
years.  I was less than happy not to meet a number of people who had not come.

I spoke to a number of people during and after this reunion (including Paul
Towey, conspiracy theorists stay calm).

I fully intend to attend other such reunions in concordance with my finances
an health ( I am a poor, fairly healthy Probation Officer).

In the wave of the reunion, however, I began to hear tales of self harmng,
depression, sexual abuse etc.  My memories of Mirfield had been, up to that
point, happy, a tough but overall great experience lived with a bunch of guys
that were worth knowing.

I received an email from Degs (cheers mate) who drew my attention to the
Mirfiels memories blog. I came, I read and I felt sick – sick not to have
noticed the suffering of some of my fellow seminarians.
I do not consider myself a  believer in any form of God, supernatural power or
presence, first mover etc. I follow, way back, in the trail of Hitchens and
Dawkens without their crusading hatred for religion.

As for my other co-seminarians, I beg you forgiveness for not having noticed
or having been aware of your suffering, my suffering was negligible.

I have great memories of Mifield on the whole. I have a recurring memory which
comes to me while I am painting (walls and ceilings). It is the memory of
simging in the choir at St Paulinus in Dewsbury just before Christmas. Why? Je
ne sais pas. I have other great memories of football (I played for Scotland,
just like BIlly Bremner), canoeing, Huddersfield market, Heckmondwick,
Hartshead and Robertstown. Parents days, holidays, getting woken up by music,
Mrs emories of whatsername’s purple hair. Walking in the bog near the wood.
Happy to go home to get back.

My life has changed since I found out how naive I had been. I have made
mistakes before and will do again. I would love to hear / share other

AC Milan rules (season ticket holder from 1990 to 2002)

Gus Murray

3 responses to “Hello From Gerald Murray

  1. Hey Gus
    You taught me my favorite chord on the guitar when you were in form 3 (the Dmaj7).Also you had a copy of Abbey Road by the Beatles which turned me on to them,ha! Nice to hear from you on here.
    Peter Roman

  2. I remember you Gus as a near contemporary of Paul Felix. I used to serve in the Fathers’ Refectory and getting all tongue tied not knowing whether to call you Father, Brother err… “Just call me Gus” you said. I also remember your dad (at least I think that’s who it it was) working on scaffolding on the outside wall of the first floor of the old house and asking me bringing something up to him. He was amazed when I just picked it up and went straight up the ladder. “Lots of lads your age are scared of heights” he said and then laughed as I told him I was used to them as I lived seventeen floors up in high flats.

    Like you I only have good memories of Mirfield.

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