A comment from Frank

Mirfield 64-67.

Great to stumble upon this blog. Brings mixed memories. Good stuff ? The football, the broken toffee-crisp guy, numbers game in the wood, 007s car arriving, Fr Grace, Edwin Roberts lifting everyones spirits just by being ‘Eddie’ Roberts and for me… just getting to wear that Inter Milan strip. The bad…Trying to dodge the perv Pinky for three years, Cerea’s venom and Valmaggios idea of how to treat a cut knee. Didn’t know the epidemic was so widespread. I have had a one way communication with the Order over 40 years about the abuse (should have done more, I now know) They and their solicitor finally replied, in denial, last year. I wish everyone well and shall log-in again.

4 responses to “A comment from Frank

  1. Hello Frank,
    I am glad that you “stumbled” across this site. Even though it has been up and running for more than two years, past Mirfield lads still keep finding it for the first time – I feel that, that in itself, justifies the blog’s continuation.

    Forty years is a long time for you to have asked for answers from the Verona Fathers about the inexcusable abuse that took place at Mirfield. You think you should have done more – in my opinion you have done a great deal. To question, all those years ago, and ask for answers and reasons as well as seeking justice for the victims shows foresight, integrity and a lot of compassion.

    I too wish you well and hope you log in soon.


  2. Hi Frank
    The broken Toffee Crisp man , that has brought back some memories .
    Correct me if I’m wrong , but was he something to do with Mars or some other large sweet manufacturer . I believe that he was quite a large benefactor to the order .
    I also remember being told on one occasion , when a prank got a little out of hand , that my behaviour could have cost the order a lot financially if any of the benefactors found out about my misdemeanours .
    So lets hope that none of them stumble upon the blog !!!!!!. Or on the other hand……………
    40 yrs that sounds about par for the course . The response , the denial , at first it came as a surprise. because I naively believed that there were individuals within the order who would do the right thing , good catholic clergy who no matter what would do the right thing ,good moral men who would speak out against injustice , help and support the victims , deny and cast out the perpetrators .
    How wrong was I ?? .They have closed ranks, their mouths , eyes and ears .At what point in the process did they lose their way , at what point did they become so indoctrinated that they lost their individuality , their very being .
    Take heart from the blog . One voice is a whisper , many voices ……now that’s a ROAR.
    All the best Degs (Kevin Deignan)

  3. Reply from Frank McGinnis. Many thanks to Mark and Kevin for the kind responses. The toffee crisp guy was a haulage contractor, delivered stuff for Rowntree of York. He had a depot near college (slipper lane?). I think he also levelled the ‘new’ football pitch, the one near the road. Typing this I can taste the round purple ‘tiny’ slabs of meat we got at dinner, the see-through powdered milk and worst of all, the tea, brewed inside the nuns old tights. Only ever drink Nambarrie now. Couldn’t make this stuff up. I should get out more.

  4. I think you are thinking of Mr. Hughes who lived in Slipper Lane, halfway along on the left. When I was at Mirfield his business was buying, renovating and selling buses. I think he financed the new football pitch. However in my time I don’t think the chocolate bars came from him.
    I can still remember the awful tea, with milk and sugar added whether we wanted them or not, giving us choice in anything like this was beyond the comprehension of a Verona Father.

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