Reply from Frank

Reply from Frank McGinnis.

Many thanks to Mark and Kevin for the kind responses. The toffee crisp guy was a haulage contractor, delivered stuff for Rowntree of York. He had a depot near college (slipper lane?). I think he also levelled the ‘new’ football pitch, the one near the road. Typing this I can taste the round purple ‘tiny’ slabs of meat we got at dinner, the see-through powdered milk and worst of all, the tea, brewed inside the nuns old tights. Only ever drink Nambarrie now. Couldn’t make this stuff up. I should get out more.

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  1. I can’t remember one persons name, or what they looked like. Nothing. I can’t remember interaction with any off the boys. All i remember is being abused by the paedophile that was Pinkman. How’s that for blocking things out. I enjoyed the education, and did very well, for a council estate boy. Bit my life was subsequently ruined by the evil priest/verona fathers/church.

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