The Start by Frankie McCarron – Post number 2

 I remember it as if it was yesterday Fr Fraser weaving a picture of the excitement of being a missionary in Africa.I suppose compared to Easterhouse Glasgow and it’s gang culture the mystic of Uganda seemed a good idea and added to that the adoration of staunch Catholic relatives particular my Gran who I just loved to bits – the deal was done . I was lucky Tommy Flanagan was in my class  and we would go together and Denis his brother who was at Mirfield already filled us with excitement with his stories . I arrived at Glasgow central station with this smart uniform – how posh . The older boys on the way down Dennis Flanagan, George Blair, Eammon Crowe, Jim Sweeney Gus Murray and I think ian Hyndman but not sure pulled a trick which we fell for.The train stopped at Carlisle for a long time facing the shop .We were sent for mint refusals and chocolate mackerakis – yes how could anyone fall for that  but we did. The boys on that train were to become great friends over the years Tommy Nairn, Peter McCann and Mitch Mclaughlin for a short time.Tommy Flanagan and Brian Gardiner for a long time.The ranks were swollen over the years big Gerry mclauchlin ,Rob Reynolds, big Gerry bartenak and his brother. Then came the younger group Gus McPherson, Brian Fallon and Brian McGinley .Laughter is all I remember about those trips and making yourself sick with all the goody bags folks had packed.As I get older I look back and those warm memories still put a smile on my face .
Till next time Frankie

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