Charles Young Says

Written by Charles Young

Hi guys, thankyou for doin this blog I was at mirfield 71/72 I was expelled, ive met up with brian mcginley and been in touch with fr paul lloyd…but as they remained after 3 of us were expelled by fr hicks …my memories are frozen in that timewarp ….I remember you degs you were our dormitory prefect in my 1st year And mark you worked at the pig farm ….as you can imagine st Peter claver made big impression on me the scots lads were great bunch too …ive loads of memories fr frank mculla fr murtagh mrs patterson hope to hear from you soon and anyone who remembers me cheers charles

8 responses to “Charles Young Says

  1. Hi Charles
    Thanks for the post.You must have been in the same year as John Gadiali( please excuse the spelling) .Was Paul loyd ordained as a Comboni or a secular priest.
    All the best Degs

    • Hi degs yes I was ….im not too sure about spelling either lol …funny but in the 20 months I was with veronas so many memories and adventures are condensed you older lads were like hero’s to us new boys now it upsets me so many of the older lads had real trauma to live wuth everyday …degs do you still live in felling area you might know of a fella called eddy wood ..aye paul lloyd secular …parish near linclon take care.charles

      • Hello Charles,

        I, too, remember you from Mirfield.

        You asked in one of your previous comments, if there were going to be any Mirfield reunions this year – i have not heard or read about any taking place. However, Eamon Crowe or, maybe, Michael Fieldhouse are the best people to try and contact. I am sure, if they read this, they will, through the blog, make contact with you, and let you know of any future Mirfield reunions.

        On another note, i seem to recall, that when you were at Mirfield, we had a conversation about your duel nationality – both British and French – or have i got that completely wrong?

        Best wishes,


  2. Hi mark thanks for reply …re duel nationality afraid wrong mark lol im from county durham might not speak english up there but definately not french …..I got a reply from degs too so good hearing from you guys I said to degs the 20 months I was at mirfield made big impact on me some great adventures and experiences …thankfully not as traumatic as some of the older lads very distressing to hear about that …but I have vivid memories of you yr peter and another lad takin us down to have with alex at the Anglican seminary in mirfield also you winning the 1st prize at chrismas party fancy dress as a scare crow complete with broom shank how is yr peter wits he upto take care fir now charles

  3. Hi Charles, we were in the same year…….along with Chris Tingle, Chris Speight, Jackie Rooney, aswell as the others you mentioned..Remember you were pals with a chap called something Rooney cant remember his first name. Where did you see Paul Lloyd……we had lots of fights.

    Steve Rozental aka Rosie.

    • Hi steve long time no hear/see …yes the lad was pat rooney …yr right a think we were a fighting class …lol I remember the group we were with great fobdness ..I met up with brian mcginley in scotland at a lourdes reunion..and father paul lloyd is in lincolnshire secular priest …do you see or hear of any more of our group…cheers charlie

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