Aiden Donovan

It is with great sadness that we received the news of Dono’s death . In my eyes he will always remain the cheerful little cockney lad from all those decades ago . It is a testament to his character that even after such along passage of time the memories of our time in his company, however short ,will remain with us . Our hearts go out to his family and our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

Degs (Kevin Deignan)

7 responses to “Aiden Donovan

  1. Donno was one of the older boys I looked up to……….the LPs of the Faces etc on top of his bedside locker…………the white Gatsby suit………footballing skills………….his memory lives on.

    Steve Rozental aka Rosie .

  2. Just to let everyone know Donno past away yesterday afternoon[Sunday 26th Jan] with his family by his side.My thoughts are with his family. Funeral arrangements to follow.

    Kind Regards


  3. I Just learned today of the very sad news about Donno’s passing away .
    Donno was a really great lad, cocky with a wonderful care free spirit, Rod Stewart fan, football crazy, we played a little guitar together in Mirfield, he will be deeply missed by all who know and love him, it was great to see Donno during a Mirfield re-union back in 2008
    ..happier times.

  4. Martin Millar says:

    Quite a few of us were able to attend Aidan’s funeral on Thursday. Again, an important demonstration of the importance of this blog. For the record, I saw Ambrose Mulroy, Denis Flanagan, Gus Murray, Andy Malarky, John McGovern, Kevin Degnan, Kevin Scullin, Paul Towie, Paul Felix and Mark Kennedy. Apologies if I have overlooked any other MOBsters who were there.

    The service was moving and comforting, in the best Catholic tradition. But more than this, it was a joyful occasion, due in large part to Aidan’s brother Dave and his celebratory eulogy. I learned interesting things about a very full life, rich itself in humour and conveyed both vividly and sardonically by a witty story-teller. One Top Man talking about another, now sadly gone.

    Thank you Sian, Ryan, Bethany, Dave and the other brother whom I didn’t meet.
    Your warmth was endearing and full of love. I thought long and hard on my way back to Oxford. Love is really the only point of living. I am smiling as I finish this thinking of all the people I met and looking at Aidan’s photo.


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