Comments from more people.

There are numerous people all over the world following this blog.

The Mirfield Memories Blog, I believe, has been a massive opening for many ‘Mirfield Men’ to understand, and to share, their Mirfield experiences, both good and bad, with others.

For many seminarians from Mirfield, it has given them an opportunity to write about their time at Mirfield, and to explain and talk about the effect it has had upon them. And yet, the comments and postings on the blog, do not equate with the numbers that follow it.

I know why that is – the same way that most people, I suspect do – and yet, part of me still looks forward and hopes that it will change. There must be a Verona Father/ Brother, who has the guts, the strength, and more importantly, ‘The Faith’ to talk about, and discuss, what is openly being written about on this blog.

I always believed, that if you have ‘the faith’ what is there to fear – it would be good for me, and I am sure for others, that this was proven right.

Mark Murray

6 responses to “Comments from more people.

  1. Do comments or postings on the blog matter anymore?

    I suppose that if people are not responding to the blog, that is an indication that it has run its course, and has served its purpose – that is , certainly, fine by me, Kevin and Tony.

    Best wishes to all,

    Mark Murray

    • Yes they do to me. This is a lifeline that i don’t want to lose. This is the most important year of my life. I only found this blog last September, and it was the biggest night of my life. I couldn’t believe what i read. Up till then, i was on my own, like i have been with this hell. Yes Hell.! This, in my mind, was never going to come to the surface.! I was going to the grave with this one. But no. I have the courage to get this sorted once and for all.
      No matter what, I don’t know about anyone else, but i am pursuing this to the very end.I am currently undergoing psychotherapy for what happened, and it is helping tremendously with my understanding of what happened in 1965/66.The Verona fathers are guilty of criminal offences against me. Sexually abused by Father John Pinkman, and not being protected by the our guardians.Not to mention the living nightmare that i endured for 50 years.
      I will get justice and become free of fear, and all the other things that imprison me.I did Nothing wrong. They were bloody paedophiles. Preying on innocent normal KIDS. I am fully aware of all the other sexual abuse figures committed by catholic priests around the world. They are a bloody disgrace. And so is the catholic church, which i now despise. I am very happy that i go with science and Atheism now.

      Please don’t close the blog. This was my catalyst.

      Tony Smith.
      Best wishes to everybody.

  2. After I posted, that there are, numerous people from many different countries following this blog, the people, from the many different countries following it, have stopped.

    Now, it is mainly the UK, a few people from America and then a few from Ireland.
    Why is that?


    • Thanks for your input and support Tony Smith. It is good to know that you are benefitting from the blog. I hope that you will keep gaining in strength and reach the closure that you deserve. I wish you well.
      I would also like to reassure our intercontinental watchers that the stats the blog compiles are only numerical views by country, there is no personal information only numerical ie: the number of times the blog is viewed and the countries the watchers are from. Their anonymity is guaranteed. All the best Degs

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