Anthony Smith – Verona Fathers 1965/1966 – has sent some pictures

anthony pics

Here are some photos taken of me at the VF 1965/1966.

Top left is me at home playing cricket. Top right and i am the boy on the left.

Forget next picture, that was me in the Royal Navy, end lad. The bottom picture

I am third from left front row, with flat cap on. The only other person i can remember

on the picture is the old lady at the end on the right, who was Henry Piwinski. Henry

went to the same primary school as me, and i knew him well at the time. I am told

he lives in Bridlington, haven;t seen him since VF. I can’t name the boy next to me

either, he must have been a friend though. Any ideas who the others are?


5 responses to “Anthony Smith – Verona Fathers 1965/1966 – has sent some pictures

  1. Sorry mark, can’t see Anthony’s
    photos. Can you check they are on, or at least help a luddite with instructions on how to open.
    Chris Lloyd

  2. The play was called ‘Mr Fothergill Joins The Angels’
    Cast:Michael Gallagher (Liverpool) Eddie Bairstow (Liverpool)
    Back line: John Maher (Leeds) Michael Cahlin (St Helens) Jim Garvey (Huddersfield) Francis Locke(Newcastle)
    Front row:Anthony Smith (Batley) Sean Dooley (Leeds) Henry Piwinski (Batley)
    If the Batley boys are from Dewsbury, apologies

    An oscar for the make-up artist!!!!!

    • Just seen that my gravatar account has signed me in as my football moniker.

      My real name is Martin Leo Murphy

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