Mirfield Football Memories – 1965

Thanks Gerry.

Click on the link below – four years before my time, but sill very interesting.



Here are the names of the team:

The Verona Fathers team 1965, which played at Roe Head. Pictured are Michael Moroney (from Wallasey), Peter Hall (from Bolton), John Brown (from Belfast), Eddie Roberts (Stockton), Gerry McLaughlin (Greenock in Scotland), John O’Shea (Liverpool), Joe Gitos, Martin Murphy (Liverpool), Peter O’Hagan (Liverpool), ‘Spike’ Brown (Leeds), Paul Deegan (Port Glasgow in Scotland) and Father John Pinkman (Liverpool).



One response to “Mirfield Football Memories – 1965

  1. Are you sure about John O’Shea to the right of Gerry? I was rubbish at football but they did have a policy of letting you play for the school if the opposition was weak enough and I thought it was my scowling face peeping out there.

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