Put some happy stuff on

The Mirfield blog, I believe, has been a very good way for people to write about their Mirfield memories. For some, the memories are good and happy, for others they are not.

Many people have written on the blog because, for them, they now feel, they have strength in numbers, a lot of people are watching and writing. This enables and helps them to write and communicate about what happened to them when they were children at Mirfield. It is, for many, the first time that they have been able to do this. It takes a massive amount of courage.

The truth, i am sure will come out.

A final point: a large number that write on the blog were never abused, but they write in support, and to those supportive people a massive thank you from Kevin and myself.
Keep on writing.

If there are people out there – and i know there are – put some good and happy stuff on about Mirfield.

Come on Mick! — and all the others!


3 responses to “Put some happy stuff on

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you say, and thank goodness this blog was alive and kicking just when i needed it. Yes the truth will come out, that is 100% guaranteed.

  2. I will tell you what I thought were the only redeeming features at St Peter Claver’s college when I was there in 1965/66. Playing in Inter Milan colours in the Mirfield league. Playing snooker and billiards and all the other games in the Rec room. With hindsight, what the hell were we doing there in the first place! It was strange meeting boys from far and wide. I lived, and still do live about 3 or 4 miles from that god awful place. They recruited a normal happy child, who just happened to be brainwashed like the rest of the other catholics. It wouldn’t be allowed in this day. I enjoyed the comradeship of the other kids, none of which I remember! What resulted from my time at the verona fathers was a broken spirit, that I didn’t know was broken, and 50 years of a living hell, thanks to the paedophiles at Mirfield, and their organisation.

  3. Keep up the good work. I read everthing here with interest. Thank you for seeing this through. Is there any time scale on bringing matters to a head? Thanks again for all you work and dedication

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