What the Vatican really thinks about those that oppose them – Ben Berrell

Ben Berrell writes:

Thought you all might like to read the evidence provided by Cardinal Pell at a Royal Commission being currently held in Australia. It is insightful in that it provides insights into how the “Vatican” views people who seek justice regarding sexual abuse.

Follow this link:


It is also sad in that Pell is attempting to distance himself from the hardliners of the Vatican making out that the Australian Catholic Church is different from its Vatican counterparts. The reality is that is not the case and Australian Catholics seeking redress have been met with the same stony resistance that the Vatican employ. I for one will be glad to see the back of him as he makes his way into a “sheltered cushy role” that will further protect him from future scrutiny.

One response to “What the Vatican really thinks about those that oppose them – Ben Berrell

  1. VICTIMS of child sex abuse were once viewed as enemies of the Catholic Church, much like the Nazis and the communists, Cardinal George Pell said today.

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