To all ‘Mirfield Old Boys’ and to anyone else who may be interested,

There are comments on the blog that indicate that people want the blog to continue. For my part it has served a big purpose and i thank many people for their contributions and their support.

Many lads who were at Mirfield in the 1960’s and the 1970’s have come forward and talked about their experiences. I believe the comments and the support from others have enabled many men to talk or write about their time at Mirfield for the first time. For some of these people it has been a liberating feeling: “finally i am not alone,” one person wrote to me. This has, i feel, been one of the overriding messages that have come from the blog. People do not have to be on their own anymore. There are others there for them. There are others who have been through similar experiences. There are others who will listen and help.

When Kevin, Tony and myself set up the blog we never thought that there would be so much interest from ex Mirfield lads. Many people have written – and many read what has been written. That has to be a good and positive result for all of us.

It would be good for Kevin, Tony and myself to know how much interest there is to keep the blog active.



5 responses to “TO ALL MIRFIELD OLD BOYS

  1. I think it has done a fantastic job. It would be a shame if it closed down.If it costs money to maintain it perhaps ypu could ask for contributions.

    • Hello

      The money is insignificant. It does not cost very much. It does not have to close. I am trying to gauge how many lads/people want to keep it going. I am more than happy, as i am sure Kevin and Tony are, to continue posting comments and messages.


  2. Hi Mark, I think the blog should continue at least for a while longer. Plus I think that there may still be others who could benefit from it big time.

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