MIRFIELD – 1964 “A boring day really yet it engraved itself on my mind”

I was never a great diarist at Mirfield. In 3 years I completed about 6 entries with no dates. Only ever kept one page. A boring day really yet it engraved itself on my mind, just for that reason. Here it is :-
‘I was tired this morning. The bell went and I didn’t move. Big John (Carberry) was already sorting his bed when I got up. He is a goody-goody but is actually alright, not one of the praying all the time ones. Soap bag, toothpaste, towel, I waited for Eddie (Roberts) again to go to the washroom then followed him. He jokes all the time, supposed to get washed in silence but not with Eddie around. It would be alright as long as he’s there. Pinkie watched all the time from the far end. Brushing my teeth I saw him staring but Eddie made me laugh and I turned away. Must be more careful. I might tell Eddie about Pinkie sometime but he would laugh and tell everyone, so not now. Pinkie in dorm, following me everywhere. Waited till he headed up the dorm then got dressed. He missed me.
Chapel, mass. I think it’s Cerea saying mass. He hates me and I get him for History today. Cherry and Pinkman. The two priests who hate me the most straight after each other. I hate this place. I’m writing this in the toilet halfway through mass because I felt sick. Pinkie wasn’t there. I can smell Huddersfield from the window, it is a very smoky place. Heading back, feel better.
Stayed in the middle during the run round the wall keeping away from Pinkie. It was cold but I quite like keeping fit. Porridge for breakfast, English boys put sugar on theirs, yuk. Pinkie and Cerisoli at their table get good stuff. I don’t know why I’m here but we get football today so that’s good. I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to play because Pinkie told me I had to clean the library as it wasn’t done properly on Saturday. I told him I had done the recreation barn on Sat but he just walked away.
Me and Lockie are the only ones called Francis. Cherry always calls Lockie Francis this and Francis that. When it’s me he says maggeeenezzz. I watched the door all the time incase Pinkie came in like before. History is alright and so is Geography. I enjoy learning about other places and people. I just hate them. I never look up during Geography and I won’t. It’s hard to always never look at him, think he knows. I don’t know what else to do. At finish he told me to do the library instead of football. I am in the team and he won’t even let me practice. It’s because I never went to see him I think. This is a rotten day.
French tonight. I never know what she is saying. watching the door when Pinkie came in. Spoke to the teacher then went away. My heart was thumping. Polished the floor in library, Pinkie was down at the football. Played a few games of table-tennis, getting quite good. Evening prayers are boring but I like the hymns. Salve Regina always ends the day.
Getting closer to getting home for Christmas. I’ll tell them I’m not coming back. Pinkie doing his rounds. Soon be lights-out. He can see me writing this. Finish it tomorrow. Waiting for Eddie’.

4 responses to “MIRFIELD – 1964 “A boring day really yet it engraved itself on my mind”

  1. Gentlmen, soon I hope the momeeent will come when I can tell you all…it shall destroy there lies for ever..wait !!!

    • John, It is good to see your name on the blog again. I remember your posts from the recent past, very powerful. Hope you are well, you sound ‘up for it’ and that is good news indeed. Frank McGinnis

  2. Your diary entry brings back so much of my time at Mirfield. The daily routines: cleaning, praying, playing, physical education, schooling, food, the dorm and showers. Everything was so regimented we were rarely given the opportunity to make a decision. And all the time the ever present threat of the antics of the peadophile priests. Just thankful I got out when I did

    • Many thanks Bede. The Comboni Missionaries (Verona Fathers) have a lot to answer for, and they will. Yourself, Patrick Browne and the late Bobby Boyle all left at the end of that 1965 school year. It was a more lonely place thereafter. My very best wishes. Frank McGinnis

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