It’s just a pity it did not go to court. I would have loved to see them being made to answer the questions under oath: Do you know why Pinkman was dismissed from the order? Do you know why Valmaggia was dismissed and sent back to Italy? Did you warn the diocese and parish that Valmaggia ended up in of his crimes? Do you know why Nardo was sent back to Italy?
They would have a difficult choice, break the Omerta ordered by their superiors or commit perjury.

Also Fr. Hicks could be asked to explain this part of the history he wrote of the Verona Fathers in the UK:

“I would remind you that these notes are not complete because they do not recall
“vari casi dolorosi”, in obedience to the Apostle’s admonition that these things should not be even mentioned among Christians, and they do not do justice to the love and kindness and generous sacrifices of so many confreres and friends and benefactors which must remain hidden and form the true history of our Province, as it is recorded in the Book of Life.”
In other words, shut up about the scandals, they might stop the cash coming in.

For those who have forgotten Fr. Stenico’s Italian lessons, “vari casi dolorosi” (why did he put it in Italian?) means “several unfortunate occurrences” which he does not seem to have been allowed to mention. It is not the scandal of the Fr. Provincial who was sacked from his job for gambling the order’s entire funds in the UK (and losing) since he surprisingly mentions that in the history, so it must be something else. He admits that there are skeletons in the cupboard. We can only guess what they are.

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