Comboni Missionaries | Missionare Comboniani

In June 2009,   Missionario Comboniano   Romano Nardo,  represented the Comboni Missionaries in a show;  Anniversari speciali per Avis e Aido Celebrazioni al via con una mostra.

In this show different religious personnel, from different orders, where chosen. Father Romano Nardo appears to have been chosen  on the strength of his missionary experiences in Uganda.  I find it strange to choose  a man, who allegedly,  was severely mentally traumatised by the atrocities  that he had witnessed in Uganda.

Not forgetting,  that I had been promised,  by father John Clark in 2006, that Father Romano Nardo would remain in the Mother House – in Verona – working on the first floor, with the Mori Bundi (the terminally ill).


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