Comboni Missionaries Blog has Helped Me Recover

Comboni Missionaries

This was written by Boy X who has contributed previous articles about his abuse.

I would just like to say a few things about the blog. The last time I had something posted on the Comboni Missionaries blog was at Christmas. I said that I didn’t know if I had moved forward or not. I was feeling very low, Christmas does that to me,

Since then,I have realised that moving forward doesn’t mean I should feel any happier or content. Maybe, sometimes, the road to salvation really is through hell and I probably will feel a lot worse before things can get better.

St Peter Claver College, Roe Head, Mirfield

I still am very confused about everything but recently I decided to ask for help. I’ve seen a psychological wellbeing practitioner and I’m being refered on to someone who will help me. For the first time in my life I have told someone,face to face, what happened to me at Mirfield.

So I have moved forward and I’m only where I am now because of the Comboni Missionaries blog. Coming across the blog enabled me to say, albeit anonymously, what I experienced at Mirfield and how those experiences affected my life.

The blog led me to talking over the phone with Mark Muray who has helped me tremendously. From not being able, all my life, to even think about Mirfield, I have now got to the stage where I have hope – hope of not being too frightened of my memories, hope that confusion will turn to some sort of ordered thought, hope that there is some light at the end of it all.

Father John Pinkman and Bishop Lorenzo Ceresoli

My memories do frighten me. I can see the face and feel the presence of Fr. Pinkman clearly, as clearly as if he was in my life right now. I can see Father Ceresoli clearly too (now Bishop Ceresoli),

They are in my life. I said my goodbye to Fr.Pinkman but he has never left me. I need to be able to step away from them.

I also see the faces of my friends at Mirfield. They comfort me. I feel I can never let go of them. They matter to me.

The logical part of my mind tells me they are long in the past, but I know how real they are. I see them every day.

Click on Comboni Missionaries – They still control me. I’m still at Mirfield

Comboni Missionaries Other Names

They are known in English-speaking countries as the Comboni MIssionaries (ex-Verona Fathers), in Italy as Missionari Comboniani, in Spanish-speaking countries as Misioneros Combonianos, in German-speaking countries as Comboni-Missionare and in Portuguese-speaking countries as Missionarios Combonianos.

See Boy X – My Last Goodbye to Pinkman

One response to “Comboni Missionaries Blog has Helped Me Recover

  1. Very glad to read your comments on the blog. Your doing great, never give up, we are in the driving seat, the Comboni/Veronas are on the back foot forever now.

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