Questions for Comboni Missionaries on Clerical Sexual Abuse

Comboni Missionaries

Some of us are very confused as to the reactions of the Comboni Missionaries to accusations of clercial sexual abuse by priests at their seminaries of boys as young as 11. Here are some questions for them. If they want to answer them for us we will gladly publish their answers.

Questions for Comboni Missionaries

Do you agree that sexually abusing young boys is a sin?

Do you agree that not acting on reports of sexual abuse is a sin – especially when the abuser continued to abuse children after you had been told?

Do you agree that sexual abuse of young boys is a crime?

Which course of action do you agree is most appropriate when you have been told that a crime, i.e. sexual abuse of a minor, has been committed:-

a) You report the crime to the police or

b) You hide the crime from the police and you protect the person who has committed the crime?

Psychological Damage

Do you agree that young boys who have been sexually abuse by priests will be psychologically damaged by it?

If the police contact you with questions about sexual abuse perpetrated at a seminary where your order operates do you:-

a) Tell them all you know about the crime (for that is what it is) or

b) Tell them that you know nothing about it (when you did)

If a boy tells you that a criminal act has been perpetrated on him by one of your priests do you:-

a) Report this accusation of a crime immediately to the police

b) Bring the priest home from the missions, hide him away in a Comboni Missionary house in Italy, tell the boy that the priestwill  no longer have access to children and tell the boy that he you are sorry and that he is in your prayers?

Aiding the Police

If the police want to ask questions to a priest who has been accused of sexual abuse do you:-

a) Tell the police “We will help you in any way we can” or

b) Refuse the police permission to interview the accused priest telling them that he is not mentally able to answer questions

Do you belive that the correct response when a crime is commited is to:-

a) Report the crime to the police

b) Hide the perpetrator of the crime?

Jesus Christ

Jesus said “Suffer little children to come unto me”.

What do you think that Jesus would have said if he had been told that some of his followers were sexually abusing young boys?

Lastly, are you happy with the way that you and your order acted when told about child sex abuse at the hands of your priests?

Are you happy with the way that they are continuing to act when they have overwhelming knowledge of crimial acts by members of your order?

When contacted by journalists about these crimes are you comfortable telling the press that “We will never know what happened all those years ago?”

Ninth Commandment

Are you aware of the 9th commandment “Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbour”? Do you remember you used to teach us about Sins of Omission? Does this not cover this?

In this whole matter which does the Coomboni Missionaries resemble most:-

1) A responsible, godly organisation which respects those put under its command and respects the laws of the land

2)  The Mafia with its code of Omerta?

the cover up of sexual abuse against children goes right to the top of the Comboni missionaries Order. As regards the Comboni Missionaries, their actions, their leaders and those who are amongst them, Jesus once said “By their Followers Ye Shall Know them”.

Are your actions in this matter more akin to:-

a)  The actions of those who want justice and the rule of law upheld

b) The actions of those who want to preserve as much of the wealth and reputation of the Order no matter the rights and wrongs of the matter?

Meeting Your Maker

Lastly, when you meet your maker, do you think he might mention your part in covering up the sexual abuse of young boys as young as 11 years of age and the mental damage your order did to them and which is continuing to affect many of them?

When you meet your maker, you will not be able to equivocate like a Jesuit by using Canon Law.

You may think that the needs of your order and the needs of the Catholic Church are above the laws of the land.

You may find that different on Judgment Day!

Members of your order abused children in their care. There is overwhelming evidence of it. You are still covering this up till this day?

Do you never feel any shame?

How can you continue to go out and give Catholics moral advice when you have helped cover up terrible crimes that would have had Jesus in a rage?

One response to “Questions for Comboni Missionaries on Clerical Sexual Abuse

  1. Their answer to all the above would be “please speak to our insurers ”
    Also at this time of year remember Pontius Pilot

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