Comboni Missionaries Abuse | Mark Murray Interview on Channel 4

Father Romano Nardo

After his sensational visit to Italy to confront his abuser, Father Romano Nardo. Mark Murray was interviewed for 5 minutes for Channel 4 News.

If you want to read and hear the interview click on Channel 4 Interviews Mark Murray

Channel 4 report that Mark secretly recorded an interview with Father Roman Nardo in the Comboni Missionaries House in Verona Italy. He had been given the camera watch by la Repubblica newspaper.

Comboni Missionaries Sexual Abuse

Mark had been abused by Nardo 45 years before repeatedly and had been asking for a meeting with Nardo for 45 years.

He had been repeatedly turned down.

So, he took matters into his own hands and flew to Verona to meet Nardo. He took them off guard. They hadn’t expected that.

Channel 4 News asked him all sorts of questions about the meeting, which you can read in the article and watch the video of the interview.

Forgive Me Says Nardo

In a crucial part of the video, published on La Repubblica’s website, Nardo comes close to admitting his abuse.

Mark says “Romano Nardo, do you know who I am? I think you do. Mark Murray. Do you remember me?”

Said Father Nardo “If it is my fault that you bear a heavy cross, I believe I should ask the Lord for forgiveness. I’m sorry. I’m very sorry.”

West Yorkshire Police

Mark believes that Nardo should be arrested, put on trial and imprisoned. However, Nardo is being protected by the Comboni Missionaries and they won’t hand him over to West Yorkshire Police who belive a crime has been committed and want to interview him.

Mark, however, says that he forgives Nardo.

Those who he cannot forgive, he says, are the Comboni Missionaries, and especially those who have frustrated his efforts to get justice and to get to meet with his abuser, Father Romano Nardo, over many, many years.

Even though there is a new Pope who is very much against clerical abuse, the Comboni Missionaries remain in the past.

Comboni Missionaries in Denial

Despite the mounting evdience, the Comboni Missionaries will not apologize, will not hand over a suspect for questioning to police and will not even admit that any abuse happened at Mirfield.

That is despite there being almost 1,000 documented instances of abuse on 18 boys at Mirfield by multiple priests and a lay teacher over two decades in the Sixties and Seventies.

Till the Comboni Missionaries admit the abuse happened and apologize to those who were abused then the campaign by the Mirfield 12 will continue.

One response to “Comboni Missionaries Abuse | Mark Murray Interview on Channel 4

  1. Isn’t this a case for interpol and the Italian Police force. However, doesn’t the law of limitations apply here. forty five years is a long time. Not that I want to lessen the crime in any way. Forgiveness is a very serious subject because the inability to forgive limits the ability of the individual to progress beyond that point. The perpetration of the act becomes a cage. I had a similar experience but not at Mirfield. I never suspected anything at Mirfield, nor heard about anything of serious consequence. The worst that happened to me was getting slapped by Ched once but I was used to that from home and from other schools. I always figured Mark to be very street wise and capable of side stepping something like that. He wasn’t a soft lad at all. I used to keep Peter, his brother, close to me to prevent anybody getting ideas, as far as I could of course. Nobody did any hugging when I was around and I’m nor blowing my own trumpet, I always thought I was a bit of a social leper that made others want to maintain distance. Boys and priests alike. Andy.

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