Look at me

I went to Verona and sat with  Nardo.

Look at me.  Nardo was not able. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.

He said I am not worthy.

I said to another, a big Comboni, look me in the eye, he too was not able.

Go away and do not come back.

Where do you go now.


4 responses to “Look at me

  1. The superior, Father John, from the Comboni Mother house in Verona said, “if you are waiting for an apology you will be waiting in vain”

    What is it that has to happen to make them understand.

    Mark Murray

  2. What would they do if they left. They have no children. Many of them are old. They have no close partner. They have their god – a god that must question their actions.
    They have confession.

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