The first post on Comboni Missionaries Blog was written by Kevin Deignan in August 2011.

Kevin, Tony Edwards and myself  never believed, back then, that in July 2015 there would still be an interest in what was being posted and the comments that were being written.

I believe that it has been a useful tool in helping and supporting other people, not just old boys from Mirfield, but many others. The Blog has enabled the many, who have spent their lives blighted by childhood abuse,  to see that they are not alone, and more importantly, it has given them the strength and courage to speak out about the abuse that happened to them as children by adults.

Has the time come to close the Comboni Missonaries Blog.

Should the Blog take another direction. Should it have another agenda. Is there anyone that wants to discuss this. Is there anyone who wants to take over as an administrator.

Your thoughts would be appreciated not only by me, but also, I am sure, by the many that read it.

It has had an enourmous positive imact on my life.

Thanks to all who have played a part in this Blog it is because of you all that it has been so successful.

Mark Murray


3 responses to “TO ALL READERS OF THE BLOG

  1. CSA Inquiry begins. A personal view, by Frank McGinnis.

    I welcome the news that Judge Goddard’s Inquiry is finally able to commence. I should stress that my welcome is not a triumph of my optimism over realism. The British Establishment is funding the investigation into, what will primarily be, it’s own behavior. (He who pays the Piper calls the Tune). That other institutions will be scrutinised is of particular interest to ourselves who at various times attended the Verona Fathers seminary at Mirfield. I especially welcome the following:

    The Inquiry wants to hear from anyone who was sexually abused as a child in an institutional setting.
    The Inquiry will actively encourage victims & survivors to come forward to testify at public hearings. (anonymously if required)
    The Inquiry wants to hear from anyone who reported abuse that was then not properly acted upon.
    Institutions whose actions are called into question will be required to disclose relevant information & provide witnesses.
    The Inquiry will investigate the role/advice of insurance companies in the handling of reports of their clients abuse. (I suggest that the Catholic Church Insurance Association have much to consider in this area).

    It may be that this Inquiry will succeed in convincing our priests, politicians, entertainers and law enforcement agencies that sexually abusing children is wrong. That they should need such enlightenment shall no doubt remain a mystery to the rest of society.

  2. The Blog has done so much good, I’m sure we have all benefited by having it in place. It would be a sad day if we lost it. I don’t have the skills to take over but I’d pledge my support to any one who feels able to give it a go. Frank McGinnis

  3. It’s a while since I wrote anything on the blog. Where do I begin.?
    It is just a year since the meeting of the Mirfield 12 in Leeds last August. That was the time when my meltdown began ! I could have been hospitalised very easily, but wasn’t. I did my suffering at home. Get in the queue,, fill out this form, behave yourself.I have just finished therapy, and I don’t feel very much different to what I did before this all kicked off 2 years ago.! So what have I learnt? Well the forensic psychiatrist, the eminent Professor Madden from “That London” said in his 25 page report for the High Courts that the damage was permanent. I think he’s right.
    The Verona Fathers (Comboni Missionaries) can go to hell. They have treated us all with contempt, rubbing salt in the wounds. At least the place where they vacated so hurriedly in 1984 and surrounding areas like my home town of Batley and Dewsbury know all about their disgusting behaviour, that’s their legacy around these parts.
    The only things remaining for me, is to see the outcome of the recent cases against them and what if anything comes out of the Theresa May Inquiry. I don’t know what else we can do. Sex abuse cases are two a penny these days. Comboni Missionaries/Verona Fathers go to your non existant hell. Here’s hoping that Karma really does work.

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