Questions for the new Comboni Missionaries Superior General

Comboni Missionaries Superior General

The new Superior General of the Comboni Missionaries will be elected this week. The Mirfield 12 hope that he will make a clean break with the past and own up to the crimes of sexual abuse of minors and will take steps to work with the abused to make sure it can never happen again.

Here are some questions for the Comboni Missionaries and the new Superior General:-

1. Was Clerical child abuse discussed at General Chapter XVIII?

2. Why was Father Pinkman moved on after accusations of child abuse at Mirfield.

3. Why was Father Valmaggia moved on and thrown out of the Order to a parish in Como after accusations of child abuse?

4. Why was Father Romano Nardo brought back from Uganda in the Nineties after accusations of child abuse by Mark Murray? Why was Mark told that he would never be allowed near children again? Why were these accusations never reported to the police? Why will the Comboni Missionaries not allow West Yorkshire police permission to speak interview him?

5. What do they think of Pope Francis’s latest statement in the USA last week when he said that “The crimes of sexual abuse against children cannot be repeated” and that bishops who cover up sexual abuse of minors will be prosecuted? Do they agree with the Pope? Will they follow his instructions on the matter?

6. Will the new Superior General acknowledge that abuse took place? Will he apologise for it? Will he work with the victims to make sure it can never happen again? Will he pass over all the information that they have about the sexual abuse on their files to Italian and UK police?

One response to “Questions for the new Comboni Missionaries Superior General

  1. Yes!!! He has no alternative
    Surely now there are no more stones to hide under
    Crawl out and smell the roses the longer they wait the worse it looks

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