A New Comboni Father General – A New Spring

I hope, as I am sure that many others do, that the Brothers and Priests of the Comboni Missionary order, see the appointment of a new Father General as a route to truth and justice when dealing with the present abuse crisis that surrounds the Comboni order.

Do not be afraid of the truth – do not be afraid of listening.

You are all anonymous on this Blog if that is what you wish.
We look forward to some writings from Combonis, those that are strong and those that want to live their life the way your Gospel wants.

Mark Murray

One response to “A New Comboni Father General – A New Spring

  1. Perhaps what the order fear are the financial and material losses that they seem so desperate to avoid.??
    Guided by their insurers rather than the Pope.
    That reminds me I must check to see if my cover against abuse accusations is still current !!

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