Combonis – waiting for the sordid sexual abuse mess to go away

I feel that the Combonis are just waiting for the whole sordid mess relating to those that were abused at Mirfield to go away.
Many people do not want to hear or read about it anymore.
One terribly disparaging comment I heard recently was that it had become, “a little too long in the tooth.” For me, and I am sure for many others, that comment causes tremendous pain and anguish.
It is not about the abuse that I, and many others, suffered being old news and old stories.
It is not about stories.
It is about people’s lives – it is about my life.
Sexual abuse, on the scale that it happened at Mirfield, was unbelievably appalling.

Sexual abuse such as what happened at the Combonis Junior Seminary at Mirfield  destroys  the lives not only of the children that were abused, but also the lives of those children when they are adults – that is was what I experienced. It can tip you over the edge.
Some children will never understand or come to terms with what happened to them. They block it out. They run away. They do anything to escape from their nightmarish memories. Some kill themselves.
And those that were abused by members of an institution such as the Catholic Church are often more severely traumatised by their experiences. They spend many years, as I did, trying to look and accept the abuse that happened to them. And when they have understood and come to terms with that, they then spend many more years attempting to engage with the abuser, and the abuser’s institution.
In my case, as has been demonstrated and written about in the last couple of days by the Combonis, it shows just how difficult this can be.

The twenty years of attempting an engagement and a meeting with the Combonis  have been to no avail.
However, in my opinion,  the abuse that happened by the Comboni Missionaries at Mirfield – and still happens psychologically to this day – has not yet  become “too long in the tooth.”

Mark Murray

One response to “Combonis – waiting for the sordid sexual abuse mess to go away

  1. I think that was a pretty crass comment anyway. I’m surprised he didn’t say the favourite of the insensitive – “Get Over It”.

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