Did Comboni, Superior General, Fr. David Glenday follow the Papal Decree “Sacramentorum Sanctiatis Tutela”?

Note also the following (repeated elsewhere in this document): The
dismissal of a cleric by Papal Decree following an admission of crimes of
sexual abuse was effected by Pope John Paul II in his 2001 Motu Proprio,
“Sacramentorum Sanctiatus Tutela”. It is of note that Father Roman Nardo
was withdrawn from the Mission in Uganda in 1996 – and in that same year
Mark Murray (who had been abused by Father Romano Nardo) received a
letter through his solicitors to the effect that Father Nardo had admitted to
the abuse. (This admission was later rescinded by the Comboni Missionary
Order – albeit they had admitted that Father Nardo had taken Mark Murray
to his bed)! The Superior General, Father David Kinnear Glenday, should,
at the time that “Sacramentorum Sanctiatis Tutela” was issued in 2001,
have reported the details of the abuse and the admission of guilt by Father
Nardo directly to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (CDF). It is not
clear that he did so – for had he – then it is certainly possible that Father
Nardo would have been subjected to consideration by the CDF for dismissal
from the clerical state by a “Papal Decree” at that time. There would, at that
time have been no consideration as to his age, nor health that prevented
such action – for he was only 60 years of age in 2001 (born 1941) and,
given that he was working in the Missions in Uganda at the time of his
recall, he was, certainly, still a fit and active man. Evidence of that fact is
that they also intended to return him to the Missions.)

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