The Comboni Missionary Order is not ignorant of the Canons of the Roman Catholic Church.

“The grievous failing of the Hierarchy of the Comboni Missionary Order is that, apparently to protect the
reputation of the Order, they have displayed a serious disregard to the rights of the Victims of child
sexual abuse within their own establishments – specifically in respect to this document, the rights of
Mr Mark Murray. In doing so, they have further given witness to their abject lack of Gospel inspired
introspection, humility, justice and the invocation of the Canonical rights of injured members of the Lay
Faithful of the Roman Church. Indeed, they have failed even to follow the terms of their own Code of
Conduct – which, I highlight, contain a predeliction for secrecy and the avoidance of scandal – both of
which are the sworn enemies of righteous justice. Their most infamous failure, however, is that they
have unlearned the very basic concepts of their Christain morality and have substituted it with a newly
learned false conscience that absolves them from the shame and guilt of their cruelty.
The Comboni Missionary Order is not ignorant of the Canons of the Roman Catholic Church. Indeed,
they quote the Canons listed below within their very own Code of Conduct (See Document entitled:
The Brotherly Care of Persons in Certain Situations)

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