Abused by Father Valmaggia, I Got Father Pinkman Removed Instantly

Comboni Missionaries

Francis Barnes has told us his story and it is in the Boys’ Stories Section.

He reveals how he was abused by Father Domenico Valmaggia and managed to resist Father John Pinkman’s advances.

He also says that other priests must have known what had happened and reveals how Father Fulvi helped him to put his case together before handing it over to a weeping Father John Fraser.

Read it here by clicking on Francis Barnes’s Story

Abuse Woven Into British Fabric of Society says Theresa May

British Child Abuse

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has warned that Child Sex Abuse is ‘woven, covertly, into the fabric of British society’.

That’s both an astonishing, and very worrying, claim.

She has just announced that a new Home Office judge-led enquiry will look into child sex abuse BEFORE the 1970s.

Previously it had been only going to look at institutional child sex abuse from 1970 onwards.

Comboni Missionaries Abuse

This means that all child sex abuse perpetrated by the Comboni Missionaries in the UK  now comes under the remit of the enquiry.

That comes as very good news for those who were victims of abuse in the 1950s and 1960s in the UK at Comboni Missionaries seminaries.

It’s bad news for the Comboni Missionaries abusers and those that were, and are, involved in covering it up.

Tip of the Iceberg

Indeed, Theresa May stated that the public are not aware, yet, of the full extent of the scandal. She said that we have only seen just the tip of the iceberg yet.

The tone of what Theresa May says is important. This does not sound like a woman who wants to brush things under the carpet. This is a women who understands the full extent of the scandal – and wants something done about it.

This is very bad news for the Comboni Missionaries and their apologists and those who have helped, and are helping, them to cover up their sexual abuse of young boys as young as 11.

Most Appalling Abuse

 She said ‘We already know the trail will lead into our schools and hospitals, our churches, our youth clubs and many other institutions that should have been places of safety but instead became the setting for the most appalling abuse.

‘However, what the country doesn’t yet appreciate is the true scale of that abuse.

‘In my discussions with older victims and survivors and their representatives, I began to realise how abuse is woven, covertly, into the fabric of British society.

Blackpool Rock

‘During one of my first meeting with survivors, one lady said to me: “Get this inquiry right and it will be like a stick of Blackpool rock. You will see abuse going through every level of society.”

‘I fear she is right. I have said before and I shall say again, that what we have seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg.’

Theresa May said that the new terms of reference and the appointment of panel members for the Parliamentary enquiry into child sex abuse marked a new beginning for the probe.

Right Side of History

We will see now, as regards the Comboni Missionaries, who are on the right side of history.

I would say that those Comboni Missionaries who carried out abuse and who covered up abuse and those boys who helped them to and are helping them to, will be seen to be on the wrong side of history.

There are those who stand with those who were abused and those who stand with the coverers-up of abuse.

All will be laid bare soon.

I know which side I will be on.

It’s the same side as Home Secretary, Theresa May.

Boy X – It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault

Comboni Missionaries Abuse

In his last post, Boy X, who had been terribly sexually abused by FatherJohn Pinkman and who was psychologically terrorised by Father Ceresoli (now Bishop Ceresoli) said the reason he remains anonymous is:-

“I sometimes wonder what my friends thought of me. I never told any of them what was going on. I was too ashamed to do that. I still feel shame and that’s the main reason I’ve always writen anonymously. I think I may have eventually said who I am but I wrote about what I was doing in London.

“How do I tell my friends I did that? I can’t. I wish I had never writen it.”

Evil Missionari Comboniani

Boy X, let me tell you what they would say. They would be sympathetic. Their blame (and horror) would all go onto the Comboni Missionaries, to Father John Pinkman and all those up to the highest level of the order who covered it up and are covering it up now.

I know!

At the time, we all thought that it was just happening to us. I only discovered a few months ago that it was also happening to me best freind there at the time. Neither of us told each other.

Comboni Missionaries Reunion Old Boys

At a reunion, organised by ourselves in 2006, we started talking about the abuse and it was clear that more than haf of those who were present had been abused by Fr Pinkman and / or Father Domenico Valmaggia.

I’ll bet that the same thing was happening to one, or more, of your friends. Few stayed out of the clutches of both of these evil men.

To help expose the Comboni Missionaries, and to help others, I decided to waive the anonymity that I am legally entitled to and allow my name to be used in The Observer, the Liverpool Echo and my local paper in Scotland, the Greenock  Telegraph.

Clerical Sexual Abuse

With the last one, especially, I was very nervous about the reaction of people – even my family, who didn’t know.

The response was overwhelmingly postive to me and there was complete revulsion towards the Comboni Missionaries.

No one blames the 11-14 year old boy. All blame the adult priests and those who have continued to cover up their crimes.

Not Your Fault

Legally, it’s not yor fault Boy X. I ‘ve checked with my barrister sister on this.

Also, morally, it is not yoru fault either.

You are blaming yourself, Boy X when you shouldn’t.

You say that you are ashamed of what you have done.

You shouldn’t!

Goodwill Hunting

I don’t know if you, or other readers, have seen the film Goodwill Hunting. In it, the character Matt Damon had an abusive foster father and was screwed up and angry (as well as bing very bright).

The character played by Robin Williams was charged with getting inside him to help rid him of his demons. It was proving difficult till this short scene. I strongly recommend you watch it ,Boy X, and other readers.

Goodwill Hunting – It’s Not Your Fault

Boy X, it’s true!

It’s not your fault!

It’s not your fault!

You’re one o fus now. You’re one of a community. We didn’t avoid it either.

What happened later was becasue of it. Two evil men destroyed your self esteem.

Freedom Time

It’s time to free yourself, to free yourself from the prison you built yourself inside your mind becasue of the abuse you suffered from evile men.

It’s time to open the prison door on those parts of your character that you locked away 50 years ago. The only person keeping them inside is yourself.

Come on, Boy X. Open those doors and let them out.

There’s no shame attached to you.

It’s not your fault!

It’s not your fault!

Read By X’s story by Clicking on Boy X’s Story

Boy X, it’s THEIR fault!

It’s ALL their fault!

Inquiry Finds Senior Cleric Protected Paedophile Priest

Paedophile Priest

The Australians appear to be ahead of the UK in terms of Rheir royal Commission into Clerical Child Abuse. However, we have an example here of the type of verdict that the looming UK Home Office might reach.

It seems that the senior cleric had a conversation with a paedophile priest, which would have reulted in a jail sentence for the paedophile priest if it had been reported to the police. This was part of a report released by the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Father John Nestor

It seems that Father John Nestor had assaulted youngsters in Wollongong during the Nineties. A senior cleric in that diocese ensured that no writtem record was ever kept of the conversation which were an admission of criminal conduct. The senior cleric did this because he wanted to protect not only the paedophile priest but the church.

 Even though it was known that Nestor was a paedophile from the early Nineties, it took over 5 years for the Vatican to remove him from the priesthood in 2008.

Clerical Sexual Abuse

There were runours in the Nineties about camps Nestor ran where the boys swam naked in the open. Nestor talked to boys about the size of their genitalia.

Father Lucas, the General Secretary of the Australian Catholic Bishops was found guilty of “not recording or reporting Father Nestor’s inappropriate conduct”. He knew about what occurred after a major talk with Nestor in 1993.

“An outcome of Father Lucas’ practice was to ensure that there was no written record of any admissions of criminal conduct in order to protect the priest and the Church,” according to the report.

He even told Nestor that the conversation they had of his confession of his crimes would remain confidential and no record would be kept of it. Nestor reckoned it would impinge on Nestor’s right to silence to record the conversation.

Child Sex Abuse Accusations

The first accusation of child sex abuse was levelled at Nestor in 1996. He was convicted of ‘aggravted indecent assault as well as an aggravated act of indecency on an individual under 16 years of age’. However, he got acquitted the following year on appeal.

Complaints continued to be made against Nestor. This led to the church reconsidering and eventually removing Nestor as a priest. The report states that when he was removed the congregation were told that the reason was his involvement in several abuse cases against minors.

Food for Thought for Comboni Missionaries

This should give food for though for those who have been, or are in, positions of authority in the Comboni Missionaries and who were told about clrecial sexual abuse by boys at the seminary, them or later, or by the priests admitting it.

Although paedophile priests, Fathe john Pinkman and Father Domenico Valmaggia, are now dead, many of those, at senior level, who were told about it and covered it up are now in the cross sights of the Home Office Panel.

They won’t sleep so soundly in their beds.

The truth will out!

The Home Office Inquiry is in its early stages here but is taking shape.

Father Valmaggia-like Paedophile Doctor gets 22 years

Comboni Missionaries

(Missionari Comboniani)

Dr Myles Bradbury has just been given 22 years in jail for abusing his young patients. They had put their trust in him and he had abused them. This sounds similar to what Father Domenico Valmaggia of the Comboni MIssionaries got up to.

It seems that Myles Bradbury used to give the young patients genital inspections, no matter what they had. This reminds one of Father Valmaggia who gave one boy a genital inspection when he had flu.

It seems that he abused 18 children who were in his care. Like Bradbury, Valmaggia’s victims were legion and carried out on the same basis – that he was carrying out a medical inspection. Father Valmaggia was in charge of the Comboni Missionaries  Infirmary at St Peter Claver College seminary in Mirfield.

Grotesque Breach of Trust

The judge told Bradbury that his offences were a “gross and grotesque breach of trust”. Father Valmaggia’s offences were the same breach of trust perpetrate d on 11-14 year-ol boys to whom he had a duty of care – like Bradbury.

Bradbury has admitted 41 offences of voyeurism and sexual assault. In many ways his offences don’t seem even as bad as the monster Valmaggia’s. The judge said that Bradbury had casued psychological harm to his victims – just like Valmaggia.

Said one boy of Bradbury:-

“Instead of checking just my joints, he’d want to check my whole body. He’d make me strip down. He focused on my private parts.” This was exactly like Valmaggia. In fact Valmaggia went even further than this vile doctor.

Bradbury admitted 6 counts of sexual assault and 13 counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child. He also admitted 3 counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and one count of voyeurism and two counts of making indecent images of a child.

Comboni Missionaries Man

With Valmaggia forcibly masterbating unwilling seminarians between 11 and 14 and washing their genitals one might conclude that Valmaggia was worse.

So, why was this monster Father Valmaggia, “That evil man” as Fr Robert Hicks called him, never reported to the UK police? He was indulging in the same activities that has just got a British Doctor 22 years in jail?

Why did the Comboni Missionaries, and those who ran the order, decide that the appropriate punishment was to send him to work as Provincial Bursar in Sunnigdale, one of London’s leafier suburbs and part of the stockbroker belt.

That showed him, didn’t it?

Living Out His Life

And why was the allowed to live the rest of his life in a parish in the diocese of Como in Italy till he died, aged 94 in 2011? Why did the Comboni Missionaries protect this monster? Why did they also protect Father John Pinkman, another monster and serial absuer of boys as young as 11? They were told about him several times. Why was he given a Mass of Celebration at the Mirfield seminary when he died, in the chapel just yards from where he abused many boys and ruined their lives?

And why is Father Enrique Sanchez the Superior General of the Comboni Missionaries refusing to allow the West Yorkshire Police permission to question that other monster, Father Roman Nardo, who serially abused Mark Murray and other boys over a period of many months?

It’s about time that the Comboni MIssionaries got back to what they were set up to do and that was to save souls – and not saving monsters who abused, and permanently damaged little boys in their care as young as 11, from the UK police.

Don Enrique Sanchez, do the right thing. Let the UK police interview Father Romano Nardo.

Are Comboni Missionaries (Missionari Comboniani) abuse victims money grabbers?

Comboni Missionaries (Missionari Comboniani)

Recently 10 men who had been at the Comboni Missionaries seminary in Mirfield, Yorkshire in the Sixties and early Seventies, received a payment of £90,000 between them for the abuse. The Comboni Missionaries (known as Missionari Comboniani) in Italy, through their lawyers, are saying that this is just a bean count and the cheapest way of solving the problem. They do not admit that it happened and make no apology.

The awards in the UK are small. In Ireland, I’m reliably told, payouts would start at £40,000 per person for the most minor sexual abuse. In the USA, recently, a payment for abused seminarians numbering 14 ran into the millions of dollars. Those who are abused by priests in the UK are then abused by the system. The sums, mostly around £7,000 and £8,000 do not nearly compensate for the abuse that took place, and, in many cases, the ruined lives afterwards.

Don Enrique Sanchez

We hear from the Comboni Missionaries in the UK, and Missionari Comboniani in Italy, that they believe our motive is money.

I remember telling my lawyers “I would have been much better putting the time I have spent on this Comboni Missionaries abuse case into my business. Indeed my business is suffering because of it”. One of them replied “You’d have been bettter off working in McDonalds”.

Many, many emails were exchanged between the 10 of us and I can honestly say that money was never mentioned until it came to the time to settle the case. Some of the 10 wanted to go to court with the resultant publicity. We were advised by our lawyers to settle (as 90% of all cases are) and we decided to take their advice.

Tacit Admision of Guilt

To us, it was not an actual admission of guilt but we would leave it to people to decide. We felt that if the Comboni Missionaries strongly felt that no abuse had taken place then they would have fought the case to preserve their reputations and that of their priests.

We reckoned that the general public would come to that conclusion too. If we fought the case and lost (and it was many years ago and both priests are dead) then the Comboni Missionaries would have got away scot free for all the abuse that occurred over the years and for all the cover-ups that took place and are still going on. A partial victory is better than a potential defeat.

Missionari Comboniani and our Motives

So, if the Comboni Missionaries, and Missionari Comboniani, were right as to our motives, and that we were doing it just for the money then as soon as we got the payment, we would stop and take up our personal lives again.

Instead we have stepped upour campaign. Pope Francis has recently made an apology to all those who were abused by the Catholic Church. he said that things must change. That has not percolated through to the Comboni Missionaries or to the Missionari Comboniani in Rome. They still refuse to apologise or to even admit that it happened – even after so many lives were ruined.

Therefore, as they won’t admit any abuse or to apologise, we must continue our campaign to make people aware of the abuse that has taken place so that it can’t happen in the future. This is for all the other 11, 12, 13 and 14 year-old boys that the Comboni Missionaries and Missionari Comboniani come into contact with. After all, if they don’t even admit that abuse took place then it would be much more difficult to stop it taking place again. How can you fix something that you don’t even know is broken?

When Will Missionari Comboniani Admit and Apologise?

Perhaps, one day in the future, they may follow Pope Francis (and the Franciscans) and make a full apology to those abused by members of their order. Recently, the Franciscans in America made a full apology to 14 boys abused by their order. Until those days, when  Don Enrique Sanchez and Missionari Comboniani in Rome will follow the example of the current Pope and the Franciscans, then we must continue to make people aware of what they got up to. We would be failing all those young lads out there who come into contact with them, if we didn’t.

It’s funny!

All those years ago we thought of them as our moral guardians, as holy men. Now we think of them as abusers, coverers-up of abuse and hiders of serial sexual abusers of young boys. We feel it is our moral duty to stop these abusers. Pope Francis appears to agree. It is they who are out of step and not us.

Comboni Missionaries Settle Abuse Claim

Comboni Missionaries Abuse Settlement

Recently, the Comboni Missionaries, formerlly also known as the Verona Fathers, settled out of court with 11 men who claimed that they were abused as boys of 11-14, at a Comboni Missionaries Seminary in Mirfield, Yorkshire in the 1960s and early seventies. They paid out a total of £120,000 to the 11 men.

However, there was no admission of guilt and no apology has been given by the Comboni Missionaries. So, the ex-seminarians have decided to fight on until they get an admission and an apology. Recently Pope Francis set a new tone in the Catholic Church when he apologised to all victims of abuse by the church.

Said one of those who settled, Gerry McLaughlin who was 11 years of age when he joined the Comboni Missionaries Seminary in Mirfield, “This new attitude has not percolated down to all levels of the church and some distinctly entrenched attitudes remain”.

The ex-seminarians claim that they were abused by three separate priests. Father John Pinkman, who was in charge of the Junior Boys, used to bring the boys, as young as 11 to his bedroom, to explain the Facts of Life to them and ask them to remove their clothes so that he could explain further. He went on to abuse many of them.

Another priest, Father Domenico Valmaggia, who was in charge of the Infirmary at the Comboni Missionaries seminary, was the person to go to if the boys felt ill. Every so often, he said that he had to weigh the boys who came to see him and he asked them to remove their clothes so that he could do so. He then went on to abuse many of them.

Father Romano Nardo was perhaps the worst abuser of the lot of them. He used to show boys a cross that he had cut into his chest. He said he wanted to show them Jesus’s love. With one boy he scratched the cross with his fingernails and went on to abuse him for months and months till he was caught and sent to the Missions.